Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Techy Tuesday: Tagxedo

I'm linking up with  Taking on Second Grade to bring you Techy Tuesday: Tagxedo

Tagxedo is a word cloud website that we used in my classroom this year. After studying a unit the students could use Tagxedo to summarize a topic. If you have used a word cloud program in your room before it is probably similar to that. If not, they are pretty easy for the students to use. They go into the program and click start now. Then, after the the template comes up, the students click the load button and enter text. I had my students put their name at least five times so that it could be bigger and easier to find in the word cloud. After, they type the subject or topic's name at least three times. Finally, they add their summarized words. I had a ten word minimum for my students. Once I checked their work they were able to click submit and change their fonts, color schemes, and shapes. We used them for all subject areas, below are some of the examples made:

The pictures above were used to summarize characteristics of Fairy Tales. We also used them to summarize space and the people that we studied such as Jimmy Carter and Jackie Robinson. The students also had to pick a shape that went along with the topic or theme. Do you use Tagxedo in your classroom? Please comment below, I would love to hear how you use it in your room.

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  1. Thanks for linking up! Tagxedo is so neat! We used it at the end of the year for adjective clouds. Each student wrote an adjective that described another student. In the end each student had a cloud of adjectives describing them according to their classmates. It was so funny seeing the expressions when they would see someone called them cute or pretty!