Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Guided Math in Action Book Study- Chapter 5

 I am linking up with Sarah and Courtney from in Adventures in Guided Math to discuss chapter 5 of the Guided Math in Action Book Study.

Chapter 5 focuses on assessments. In this chapter Dr. Nicki Newton discusses how to balance assessments in guided math and the reasons why you should use a variety of different assessments. The type of assessments she mentioned were:
Math interviews
Math conferences
Entrance and exit slips
Math running records
Math surveys and questionnaires
Math profiles
Question 1: I give pre-assessments at the beginning of each unit, this helps to determine which groups the students need to be in for that unit. It also helps me understand what parts of the unit the students have mastered and need help on. The ongoing assessments that are used in my classroom are journal reflection entries, tickets out of the door, quizzes, observations, and conferences. One of the major ongoing assessments that I use in my class is student portfolios. The portfolios are composed of beginning, middle, and end of the year assessments that we do county wide throughout the year, with a few weekly assessments. We confer about the assessments, results, and graph the data. The students use the data to make goals throughout the year. The portfolios are also used to conduct student led conferences in the classroom during the second round of parent teacher conferences. As far as summative assessments they are done grade level wide and are the pencil and paper formats. They are generally conducted at the end of each unit. We also give benchmarks throughout the year.
Question 2: I gained a few new ideas from this chapter. I plan to implement math interviews and student profiles in classroom.

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